Top Reasons to Visit Grand Canyon National Park in the Off Season

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon National Park is just one of the few parks in the country that is open all year round. Although the North Rim is closed during wintertime, the South Rim enjoys a more forgiving climate, thus allowing guests to unravel its unspoiled beauty that can only be witness at the Grand Canyon.

  • Less crowds

If you are going to the Grand Canyon offseason, you are seriously in for a treat. There are lesser people who visit the Grand Canyon between December and February due to the weather, and that some guests simply prefer going to destinations that feature warmer climate. Although the South Rim is open during winter, taking great caution during hiking is still recommended.

  • Clean and clear air

The visibility during winter at Grand Canyon is highest during winter. On a clear day, you can see mountain peaks that are over 350 km away from certain viewpoints of the South Rim.

  • Breathtaking vistas

If you experience a storm breaking at Grand Canyon, take it as an opportunity to see unique vistas that you will never see during summertime around this area.

  • Early sunset and late sunrise

During winter, days are simply shorter than nights. You can get a glimpse of the sun over the horizon even if you arrive at the site later than usual.

  • Havasu Falls

Although it may be a little chilly to swim in the wintertime, the magnificent views of the five falls in Havasupai Indian Reservation is definitely worth taking a tour of the South Rim.

And of course, Grand Canyon Mule Ride.